Alcoholism treatment in Mallorca

As a consequence of recent confinement, more cases of alcoholism are going to arise

The pandemic has caused people to start suffering from or aggravate existing disorders such as anxiety, mood swings and sleep disturbances… increasing the risk of addictions such as alcoholism and others.

One of the most difficult problems when trying to treat alcoholism is resistance, i.e. the patient’s refusal to recognise they may be suffering from this disease. This can be especially hard for family members who struggle to make their loved ones see their dependency.

We suggest you ask them to respond to the following 4 questions:

a) Have they ever felt they should drink less?

b) Have they ever become annoyed when someone criticizes the way they drink?

c) Have they ever felt really bad or guilty about their drinking habits?

d) Have they ever felt the need to drink alcohol in the morning to calm their nerves or reduce the effects of a hangover from drinking the previous night?

If the answer is yes to two or more of the questions it may be time to consider that they could be showing signs of alcoholism.

As such the appropriate treatment is necessary and it consists of two phases:

Detoxification and Withdrawal

After an initial focus on withdrawal syndrome, treatment is geared towards achieving complete and permanent abstinence from alcohol consumption.

Treatment should firstly consist of a complete detoxification programme at a center such as Bonaire Detox – the specialised detox center belonging to Bonaire Salut.

Detoxification can be done as an outpatient or in hospital, depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, the patient’s background and personal and social characteristics.

It is the safest, most effective, efficient and integral option when treating alcoholism.

Interview with Dr Pablo Tobajas Ruber

Dr. Pablo Tobajas Ruber



Dr. Tobajas is a psychiatrist, director of Bonaire Salut and Regional Spokesperson in the Balearic Islands for the Spanish Society of Dual Pathology.

Drug use and its consequences are a very serious health problem as well as being a major direct cause of avoidable morbidity and mortality in Spain. In the Balearic Islands the most commonly consumed drug is alcohol and to date it is more commonly consumed by males.

What exactly do we mean by substance abuse Dr Tobajas?

“Substance abuse” is considered to be the non-medical use of medicines and other substances, especially for any of these purposes:

  • To change ones mood
  • To alter the way we see our environment
  • To experiment with new feelings or sensations and/or
  • To increase our confidence when socialising

Does the success of addiction treatment depend on self –motivation?

Bonaire Salut offers a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of addictions through “motivational therapy” which helps to avoid relapses, and supports families and the person’s social circle in order to achieve recovery. Of course, if a patient is highly motivated, really wants to get better, he or she will do! However when motivation is low, success is not so likely. The question to ask is “What will I gain from not consuming?”

What do you think is the hardest part of overcoming an addiction?

One of the hardest things is to stop the lies told to oneself and to others. The tendency to think that it is not alcohol that is damaging your life, but that things go wrong for other reasons. Typical responses like, “I am not an alcoholic”, “I can control it” or “I can give up whenever I want”.

Can alcoholism be cured?

Alcoholism is a chronic disease. Alcoholism cannot be cured, but it is controlled, as is diabetes or other chronic diseases. With correct treatment, people with an addiction to alcohol can learn to live without this substance in a healthy and balanced way.

What does the detox programme at Bonaire Salut consist of?

The Detox Program is run by a multi-professional team (psychiatry, addiction experts, nursing and psychology, expert nutrition therapists), from Bonaire Salut specializing in addictive behaviour, such as alcohol and related addictions, cocaine, anti-anxiety/depression medication, gambling. It is aimed at all those affected by problems arising from alcohol and other drug dependence and abuse. It consists of professional treatment services initially through hospital admission for detoxification and to avoid the complicated withdrawal effects, then subsequently, on an outpatient basis at the center for abstinence and rehabilitation of the patient. Here we pay special attention to families.

Where does one begin after deciding to give up alcohol permanently?

Detoxification is the first stage of the therapeutic process and it is necessary to be admitted to a clinic when it comes to the beginning of addressing an addiction. “Admission into a specialised center is the most effective formula to help the user in his first stage of overcoming this pathology.” The main objective is to offer physical detoxification in a center for patients with an addiction problem who cannot achieve withdrawal at the outpatient level.

Is this treatment usually very expensive?

It is the most effective and economical method in the medium and long term, as it enormously helps prevent situations of risk and offers greater assurance that the patient will fully regain his life on a personal, social and professional level in the shortest possible time.

It is the safest, most effective and most efficient option for addiction treatment.

Bonaire Detox is made up of a specialized medical team of experts in addictions which includes psychologists, nursing  and therapists  in order to offer you a quality service