Pablo Tobajas


“I always wanted to be a doctor. Ever since I was a child my parents knew that would be my chosen career, whatever I had to do to get there. I have to admit it was hard…. I have always been rather restless and determined, I´ve always been keen to discover new things. I have studied piano, painting and have always done a lot of sport. Medicine requires many years of hard work, dedication to others and consistency.

I firstly specialised in family medicine as it seemed to me to be a thorough specialisation covering all aspects of a person. I later carried out my doctorate studies, my thesis and completed a Masters degree in Management of Health Care Administration.

I began to discover the importance of humans as part of a group and their environment as well as individuals. This humanistic perspective struck up my interest in the world of ideas and where they came from. This then led me to undertake studies into my second specialization – psychiatry.

Since then I have worked as a psychiatrist both in hospitals and clinics and have been delighted to combine my work providing training courses throughout various regions of Spain and at the University of the Balearic Islands.

I have also held a management role of various public organisations in the Balearic Health Authority (IB Salut), and been the head of Psychiatric Services at Inca Hospital (Hospital Comarcal de Inca). I am currently (from 2016-2022) co-ordinating the Mental Health Strategic Plan for the Balearic Islands.

This, my personal journey, together with my insatiable desire to learn and my passion for the uncertainty of change has provided me with the opportunity to now unify such a strong team of professionals who are able to offer the best guaranteed service for your mental health.


Degree in Medicine and Clinical Surgery

Specialisation in Family and Community medicine.

Specialisation in Psychiatry

Doctorate in Medicine and Psychiatry (Cum Laude)

Master in Management of Health Care Administration

University specialisation in Legal and Forensic psychiatry

Expert in Management of Mental Health facility management

Professional Experience

Practitioner co-ordinator at Es Trencadors medical practice.

Assistant General Manager of care-services at IB- Salut (primary health care and emergency services).

Family practitioner in primary health care.

Associate psychiatrist at Inca Hospital (Hospital Comarcal d’Inca).

Co-ordinator of Mental Health Strategic plan for the Balearic Islands 2016-2022.