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Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca

What is an addiction?

An addiction is a chronic and recurrent mental disorder which is characterized by a pathological search for reward and/or relief believed to be provided by substances or other behaviours.

It means you are unable to control such behaviour, find it difficult to abstain from use of it permanently; you feel an overbearing desire to consume and in turn are less able to acknowledge any of the significant and possibly life-altering consequences resulting from your behaviour. If untreated, it can seriously affect your relationships with others and your ability to function emotionally.

Substance Addiction




Anti- anxiety prescription medication


Opioid analgesics

Fentanyl · Tramadol · Codeine (prescription medication)


Nicotine (smoking)

Behavioural Disorders


Compulsive gambling

pulsive use of New Technologies- Social Networks and internet

Nomofobia (mobile phone addiction) · Online and video gaming addiction

Shopping addiction

Compulsive buying · Online shopping

Sex and love addiction including Cibersex

Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca

Do I have an addiction?

Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca




Our detoxification treatment is a remedial process used to achieve withdrawal from a substance by creating sudden or gradual interruption of its use. This treatment consists of the use of necessary medication, care and hygiene in order to be successful and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

This is the most effective and economic solution for medium and long term recovery as it assists the patient in preventing and avoiding situations of risk and offers a higher guarantee of full recovery. The patient is able to completely regain his/her quality of life on a personal, professional and social level in the quickest time possible.

We consider this to be the safest, most efficient, effective and integral option for addiction treatment

The objectives of Detoxification are:

To free the body of the physical dependence associated with chronic consumption.

To reduce the physical complaints and discomfort which often accompany suppression of consumption.

To provide an effective treatment which will support and allow the patient to overcome the early difficulties which arise when deciding to recover from consumption.

To create a secure and comfortable space focused on support, motivation and commitment to treatment.

To detect and treat any prior existing medical conditions.

To work alongside the patient assisting and teaching him/her how to take care to prevent relapses and stay healthy.

This treatment is available for out-patients as well as hospitalisation


Centro de desintoxicación de adicciones en Mallorca




This phase of treatment takes place after detoxification and is programmed to ensure abstinence is maintained, to avoid relapse of consumption and to make sure our patients fully recover.

Once treatment in hospital has finished, our patients begin the Recovery Phase in which time they, together with their families continue to attend group therapy and medical assistance.

This is the longest phase of addiction treatment and in many places it is the most expensive. At Bonaire detox, our service comes with the guarantee of the Bonaire Salut Group to ensure complete recovery of our patients.

Our patients will benefit from the following treatment during the Recovery Phase:

Psychotherapy, group therapy, ongoing medical and remedial assistance in line with the tailored recovery plan agreed between doctors and patients.

Follow up therapy sessions to prevent relapses.

Telephone assistance: Our team offers a telephone helpline for our patients and their families.

The following techniques and methods are used at Bonaire:

Individual recovery sessions

Social skills and coping strategies

Relapse prevention strategies

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) sessions

Group therapy

Specialised education and motivation strategies

Problem solving techniques

Contingency management

Coordination and derivation of specific resources

Bonaire Young Persons Programme

Prevention of addiction for young people

This programme is directed at young people in society who are at risk of developing the illness of addiction

It offers information about the risks of substance abuse and teaches personal development tools to reinforce protection from addiction.

Teenagers with drug addiction

Intervention for young people suffering from drug addiction and behavioural issues

This therapy is a process aimed to achieve abstinence from drugs and /or behavioural risk and disorders.

It is a personal development programme in which the adolescent will be involved in a process of change and will become equipped with tools and resources of self-awareness and growth.

Young People and New Technologies

This programme has been designed to assist those young people engaging in problematic use of new technologies

An evaluation will be carried out together with an analysis of conduct. The main objective of this programme is to redirect and re-educate harmful behaviour.

We will work alongside the young patient and his/her family, offering suggestions regarding risks and equipping the family with tools and necessary resources for recovery.

Each personal journey is different; therefore each programme for recovery is too

Bonaire Family

Advice and orientation for families

The objective is to enhance awareness and knowledge for the family. Not only about addiction, but also about behaviour, family relationships, peer groups and free time.

The aim is to provide the family with resources, techniques and skills to enable all members to be better equipped to reduce those problems which often arise when a family member is an addict, albeit with or without substances.

Should the family member be a patient of Bonaire, it is possible for therapy sessions to be carried out altogether.

In this way this specific intervention is more personalized and held in a familiar and comfortable environment.



Se realiza una valoración individual y un plan de desintoxicación a la medida de cada persona


When previous out- patient treatment has not succeeded and it is considered necessary to put in place a restraint system and for treatment to be closely supervised.

When serious psychiatric conditions are apparent, consumption of large quantities of drugs, used intravenously or smoked. When patients suffer panic attacks, psychomotive agitation, when the patient is diagnosed with depression or suffers suicidal ideation, symptoms of psychosis, etc.

Accute organic comorbidity which requires control and follow up of the detoxification process and the treatment of possible imbalances (liver disease, heart disease, etc).

Poly-consumption of drugs.

When a patient specifically requests to be admitted due to sentiments of a lack of control and/or feels unable to undergo treatment in his or her usual environment or simply because he or she is afraid in any way.

Due to any other social factors impeding the possibility of successful treatment as an out- patient.

Types of admittance:

Admittance programmed for detoxification; designed for patients suffering from an addiction with physical, psychological and social consequences requiring an integral hospitalised approach.

Admittance programmed for environmental containment. This is recommended for patients suffering from an addiction who need to be admitted to avoid relapse.

Admittance involves:

Individual consultative sessions with our professional medical team from Bonaire Salut (doctor, psychologist, team of nurses, dieticians….)

Cross consulting medical service and possibility to carry out additional complementary medical analyses where necessary.

Catering supervised by specialist dieticians.

Outings from the facility accompanied by a medical professional.

Dr. Pablo Tobajas Ruber



Dr. Juan Manuel Alonso Ramis


Bonaire Detox is made up of a specialised medical team of experts in psychiatry, addictions and psychology as well as a team of nurses and therapists


Bonaire Detox offers detoxification treatment in the most private, quiet, safe and comfortable of settings, where dignity, respect and confidentiality are 100% guaranteed


Hospitalisation services include:

Intensive treatment of addiction, full board and accommodation in the clinic.

Medical, Psychological and Nursing care.

Neuropsychiatrical evaluation upon admittance

Blood and urine analysis.

Advice and support for families of patients.

The price includes all medication necessary for treatment.

In the same way any medication prescribed to our patients, not related to treatment will be charged only at cost price.

Payment Methods

The price of treatment varies according to the kind of treatment plan in the process of detoxification and recovery, the choice of accommodation (standard, superior, panoramic suite) and/or any additional services which have been selected by each patient.

A payment quota will be required on the day of admittance into the clinic, together with a deposit which will be returned within 30 days from when the patient is discharged or in case patient decides to discharge him/herself voluntarily. This deposit will not be charged should patients meet certain conditions of an upfront payment in advance.

Treatments and therapies which are considered additional (nutritionist, personal trainer, translation services, physiotherapist etc.…) are provided at an extra cost.

During treatment, payment will be charged on a weekly basis. If the patient should decide to leave the clinic before being discharged by a doctor, Bonaire Detox will only charge for the amount corresponding to the number of days in which the patient has remained in treatment.

A unique setting

Bonaire Detox is located in Palma de Mallorca, close to the Bellver Castle which dates back to the XIV century and towers above the Bellver forest, a peaceful haven from where you can contemplate the city of Palma, the city harbour, the Tramuntana mountain range and the scenic “Pla de Mallorca” – Island landscape

International destination

Mallorca, an island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is a favoured destination because of its soft and gentle climate and its ample offering of culture and leisure activities

The island is famed for its beaches and tourist routes, its international yachting ports and amongst others, the delightful villages of Soller, Valdemossa, Portocolom and Pollenca


It is superbly communicated

with major capital cities

of the WORLD

Should our patients wish to stay longer in Mallorca to prolong recovery and follow up, we can offer accommodation either in our clinic or close by.

During recover phase, we offer the possibility for patients and family members to stay in the vicinity of the clinic in one of our carefully selected hotels. This enables exclusive access to facilities and services with especially discounted prices. This also applies to our preferred luxury villas of choice which have been chosen for their comfort and excellent location on the island.

Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca





Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca


Alcohol and addiction rehabilitation and recovery facility in Mallorca




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We are in the centre of Palma, next to Avenida Jamie III and Paseo Mallorca. Our site has excellent connections with public transport and is close to numerous parking areas

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